Here’s why some men send them and why they shouldn’t.

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Ever since the advent of the “direct message” on social media, men have been sliding into women’s DMs to say nothing more than “hey,” “hi,” or “hello.” No introduction of who they are. No declaration of intent. It’s the laziest pick-up line on the planet because it’s not even a…

Because anal sex doesn’t have to hurt.

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A 2017 study from the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction found that 37% of women reported having had anal sex with a man in their lifetime. That’s a pretty high number of women who’ve engaged in a practice that so many claim is painful.

What do…

Being a sex worker doesn’t mean you’re stupid, degenerate, or incapable of interacting with minors in appropriate ways.

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After I left my husband, a friend from my MFA program referred me to the tutoring center where he worked. The director hired me to help high-school students write their essays.

When their grades rose as a result, the director hired me to also help these students put together their…

Take a cue from the women’s body positivity movement and celebrate your natural size.

Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash

There’s a growing movement of women around the world who are choosing to celebrate their bodies in their goddess-given form. They’re rejecting the societal expectation that a woman needs to look a certain way to be deemed desirable or worthy.

The body positivity movement is long overdue for women who…

If you feel like a slut for enjoying sex, how can you feel free enough to experience pleasure?

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The stats are in and they’re not pretty. A 2016 study from the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that 65% of heterosexual women had difficulty achieving orgasm during penetrative sex alone.

Only 5% of heterosexual men reported the same problem.

Given these statistics, it’s not surprising that when I first…

Photographed and pleasured by a gorgeous man, my self-confidence in my body returned after the trauma of my divorce.

Photo by Van4er from Pexels

There I was, all alone in a hotel room with a man I’d never met before in person. Armed with a roller bag full of old fetish clothes that I’d held onto since I’d worked as a dominatrix ten years earlier, I was going to be photographed by this man.

Women need to stop hinging their self-worth on whether a guy continues to pursue them after sex.

Photo by Davide De Giovanni.

The age-old dating advice for women is to wait to go to bed with a new man. If a woman has sex with him too soon, he’ll lose interest. She’ll never hear from him again.

Yes, this does happen. A woman sleeps with a guy soon after meeting him. He…

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I’m a storyteller. I write about sex and relationships. B.A. in History, UCLA. MFA in Creative Writing. Treat me to a coffee:

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