You are very kind in saying this. The positive response I’ve received on Medium for my words is mind-boggling to me. I’m going to be writing about the importance of saying “fuck off” to everyone in order to get ahead creatively. I did that to family, friends, and especially to writing colleagues when I started writing here.

I’ve been embraced in a way I was never embraced by other writers in the traditional writing world. Other writers have always looked down on me as taking the easy route by writing about sex. “Sex sells!”

I questioned myself until I literally just said fuck it. It’s paid off. So thanks again for your kindness and positive vibes. I just wish I would have said “fuck it” and “fuck off” earlier in life, but I was too afraid of losing a bunch of assholes I never had in the first place.

Writer. Model. Mom. RETIRED dominatrix, escort, cam girl & phone sex operator writing about my experiences. MFA. INFP. ko-fi: mysteriouswitt

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