Husbands are also to blame for withholding sex from their wives.

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Too often we hear stories of married couples who stop having sex because the wife no longer wants it. But sometimes it’s the man who no longer wants physical intimacy with his wife.

This was writer Demeter Delune’s case in her marriage. She agreed to be interviewed by me about…

To solve your lack of desire

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I recently read a wonderful article by the sexologist Gigi Engle in Men’s Health about mismatched sexual-response styles. Some people are easily aroused. They think about sex a lot. They’re ready to go with the smallest stimulus.

For others, arousal takes longer. For these people, Engle writes, “Sex is kind…

Marriage offers incredible financial and social advantages.

Photo by Jonathan Borba.

What is marital privilege? A certain advantage that married couples have over singles.

According to Bella DePaulo, Ph.D., a social psychologist and author: “People who marry enjoy social, cultural, economic, and political advantages that single people do not, simply because they are married.”

DePaulo goes on to write in her…

It’s choosing the comfort of deception instead of the strength of authenticity.

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I recently wrote a piece in which I expressed my sympathy for people who cheat on their spouses. At least that’s if their spouse refuses to have sex with them.

In this piece, I write:

I’m just asking whether instead of viewing the betrayed partner as the victim, should we…

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