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I believe many male escorts also sell sex to other men in order to sustain a business.

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

I’ve known about the existence of gigolos for quite some time now — since long before I ever started working as a female escort. I’ve read a few articles on the subject (here, here, and here), detailing just how much money some gigolos earn from having sex with their female clients.

I’m also aware of the docu-series, Gigolos, which debuted on Showtime in 2011, providing a window into the secret lives of male prostitutes who cater to a female clientele in Las Vegas. I never watched any episodes but I know about the series’ existence.

And yet, even with all…

While some men do indeed visit escorts because they’re lonely, a desire for sexual satisfaction is always part of the equation.

Photo by Jeremy Banks.

I was recently asked by a reader if I’d ever had a man seek my escort services just for the conversation. The idea was that a man could be so lonely that he’d pay an escort’s full rate just to talk to her with no expectation of having sex.

While I have had many lonely men as clients, I’ve never, in all my years as an escort, had a man offer to pay my rate just to chat to me. A desire for sex has always been part of the equation in some form or another.

And yet, I comprehend…

I wrote to Medium a month or two ago about how the new changes have affected my reading experience. If Medium doesn't owe writers a living, then at least they owe the readers a good experience.

I complained about no longer being able to find the writers I like. I touched on how I wanted to constantly have new writing introduced to me. I said I wanted a NYT experience, or at least a Twitter experience, if Medium sees itself as not a "traditional" publisher.

Could you imagine if we logged onto Twitter or Instagram and only saw the accounts…

Would he be buying sex behind his wife’s back if he really had it “all”?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

I’m definitely not putting down all married men for buying sex. As a sex worker, I understand the need many married men have to pay for sexual services like the kind I offer. Oftentimes, married men seek out escorts because their wives no longer want to have sex with them. If a man is enduring in a sexless marriage, I even question whether he’s cheating on his wife if he hires the services of an escort like myself.

But then there’s the man who does still have sex with his wife. He’s perfectly happy in his marriage. In fact, he…

My fourth candied kiss to you.

I recently wrote about the shuttering of the exclusive, members-only L.A. goth club, Cloak and Dagger, over sexual misconduct charges. The piece is called: #MeToo Has Reached the Goth Club — But Is This a Good Thing?

In a nutshell, the female employees of the club allege that Adam Bravin, the club’s co-founder, crossed serious boundaries of professional propriety with them. Female club employees also claim to have been sexually attacked by male club members. And then there’s the accusation by Hannah Harding that actor Thomas Middleditch assaulted her on the venue premises.

And even still, when I first read…

Yes, it’s high time goth nightclubs adopt the same consent model as sex clubs.

Photo by Bruno Bueno from Pexels

Cloak and Dagger, the members-only goth club to the stars in L.A., has recently closed its doors for good amid sexual misconduct allegations. The controversy centers around the claims of club member Hannah Harding, who says actor Thomas Middleditch, best known for his role as “Richard Hendricks” on the HBO series Silicon Valley, made lewd comments to her on the dance floor.

When she rebuffed him, he continued to harass and grope her. He did this even in front of club employees. One employee, Kate Morgan, took the issue up with her bosses, club co-founders Adam Bravin and Michael Patterson.

My 3rd candied kiss to you….

Photo by Joey Nicotra on Unsplash

Happy hump day — I guess. Let’s face it — it’s been a terrible couple of weeks in this country. Last week in Atlanta, Robert Aaron Long went to three Asian spas and open fired, killing eight people, including seven women.

This week in Boulder, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa went to a grocery store and gunned down ten people, including a police officer.

What connects these two tragedies? Both men were suffering terribly. I’m not trying to justify what they did — I’m just trying to understand.

Long had been in a Christian rehab program for his sex addiction, which…

I believe Robert Aaron Long isn’t an involuntary celibate but a voluntary one. But it still proved just as deadly.

An incel is a man, typically a young man (and more often than not a young, white man), who is involuntarily celibate. He’s too shy or socially backward to interest women enough to have sex with him, though he deeply desires a sexual relationship with a woman.

Feeling romantically rejected, the incel fills with frustration and self-loathing. Over time, these feelings morph into intense depression and rage. The incel finds release only in lashing out against the rest of humanity. He often kills people — often multiple people at a time.

Incels have been blamed for many mass shootings over…

Sure, a fraction of creators make a killing but most upload images for pennies.

Photo by Danielle Reese.

A lot of folks these days are under the impression that you can earn a fortune by posting racy photos to OnlyFans, a platform where creators earn money from subscribers to their content — e.g., their “fans.” The news has been full of articles, touching on just how much cash people — mostly women — are making on the platform.

Take Business Insider, who spoke to Monica Huldt, who says she’s earning $100,000 a year posting explicit content on the platform. ABC News also ran a story about women (and men) who earn thousands a month on OnlyFans.

That’s the takeaway from the March 16th shooting of seven sex workers in Atlanta, Georgia.

Photo by Roberto Hund from Pexels

On March 16th, 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long killed eight people, seven of whom were women who worked at three different massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia. Not only is this the worst mass killing to occur in the U.S. in almost two years, but to many, it appeared to be a racially motivated attack against Asians.

The killing spree in Atlanta comes in the wake of other recent hate attacks against Asian people all around the U.S. While this is terrible news, no one is touching on how violence is a daily concern in the lives of sex workers because our…

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