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Be prepared to spend some cash.

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As an escort and a professional dominatrix, I’m usually only thinking about my own safety when meeting with a new client. I’m not thinking about the risk my client is taking in meeting up with me.

As such, you can imagine my surprise when a new client arrived for our first session at my place, and while he was in the bathroom undressing, he rapidly flung open my shower curtain and declared, “Oh, good, no one’s there.”

I startled when I heard the screech of the metal hooks against the stainless-steel rod as this man ripped aside my shower curtain…

And tell me all about your orgasm style…

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I’ve been going through some of my older pieces on Sugar Cubed that are no longer getting the love they deserve on Medium. Here’s one of my favorites from the past: What’s Your Orgasm Style?

In this piece, I examine how not all men climax the same way. What do you think? I’d love to hear more about your own orgasm style. Please feel free to comment in the response section at the end of the piece.

You may also private message me on my Ko-Fi page, but do understand that my…

And every sex worker will have a different response.

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Whether sex work is viewed as a great job for a woman depends very much on who you’re talking to. Conservatives claim that sex work is an awful occupation for a woman to have. Any woman who actually chooses to do this job should be ashamed.

Religious leaders claim that all women are forced into sex work and therefore need to be saved from it.

Radical feminists say something similar but still different. …

My only regret is losing my privileged position as an “included” member of mainstream society.

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I was recently asked if I ever regret my choice to do sex work. Sometimes I do, but not in the way you might think.

Usually, when I’m asked this question, people expect me to say yes, of course, I regret deciding to become a sex worker. What an awful choice I made! I’m continually victimized by my clients and feel morally bereft as a result of my job! I wish I’d never entered the sex industry!

But those aren’t my feelings at all — only other people’s opinions projected onto me. If you ask me what I regret most…

And also everything you need to know about queening and face-sitting.

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Hi there, it’s Mysterious Witt — just your girl-next-door sex worker trying to make an honest living in this difficult world. If you haven’t read my most recent piece, I recommend you check it out. Entitled Why I Do Sex Work Even as a College-Educated Woman, this piece answers just that question.

I also pose a question to the reader — at least to those who don’t agree with my choice to charge money for sexual services.

“How do you know what would make me happy? Why not let me decide on my own what I want to do with…

I like the freedom to write novels, take care of my children, and explore my sexuality all while making more money than I could with my liberal arts degrees.

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I consider myself a seasoned sex worker. I have years of experience working in different sectors of the sex industry. From phone-sex work, to camming, to amateur porn, to dommng, to sugar dating, to escorting — I’ve dipped my toes in these sex-industry fields, getting my feet wet. Heck, I’ve dived in headfirst.

But the question remains: why as a college-educated woman I choose to do sex work?

Typically sex workers are viewed as desperate women whose opportunities have dried up. …

We don’t care about your size and you shouldn’t either.

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I recently received an email from a reader, asking me a lot of questions about penis size. Could I rate the men I’d slept with from smallest to largest? It’s almost like this reader wanted me to compute percentages. Out of all the men I’d slept with, what was the percentage of guys who were smaller, bigger, and biggest. Lastly, he wanted to know what my escort friends thought about penis size? Did we sit around, comparing the sizes of our clients?

I will tell you: when my sex work colleagues and I discuss clients, we are not discussing the…

If a woman is going to get down, she deserves to always get off.

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone on date with a new guy. I go home with him, we have sex, and once he orgasms, he just stops. He pulls out and he’s done. Sex over. I haven’t even come yet. But he has and so he just accepts I’m not going to climax.

Worse, I accept it, too. Well, at least I used to. That was until I decided to take matters into my own hands — literally.

If a man didn’t care if I orgasmed or not, then I had to be the one who took…

The negative elements of the sex industry shouldn’t be an excuse to deny us the right to work.

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The sex industry is the only industry I can think of where workers have to justify our right to do our jobs with claims that we always love our work and always feel empowered by it. If we’re honest about any of the more negative aspects of our jobs, it’s akin to admitting that we’re being victimized and in need of rescuing.

In come the politicians to sign into law new bills that further constrain our ability to make a living. Take FOSTA/SESTA that shut down the online platforms sex workers once used to advertise our services and screen clients…

Reason #2: they haven’t yet accepted it’s okay to pay for sex.

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The idea that escorts, if given the choice, would rather have sex with a much older man than a young, good-looking buck is bizarre to many. Why wouldn’t a sex worker prefer to get down with a cute dude in his twenties, if given the option, especially if she knew she was also going to get paid for it? Seems like the perfect job, right?


Sure, as an escort, I’ve had sex with some seriously gorgeous young men in my day. …

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