This is not a publicity ploy — it’s the truth.

Two days ago, I was shooting photos of my ass and, lo and behold, I became so turned on that I had to masturbate afterward. I was astounded by how aroused I felt from the mere act of snapping photos of my body and then looking at them afterward.

I was turning myself on by my own erotic imagery!

Of course, there was also the sensation of posing for these photos. As I bent over and presented my ass to whomever I imagined walking in through my front door, this aroused me greatly.

Amazingly, though, I got so turned on…

Myths that sex workers are bad parents just aren’t true.

My son said something amazing to me last night. He said I’m not the “fun parent.” His father is the “fun parent.” You know what? That’s fine. My kids’ dad can be their “fun parent.” But they also need a parent who makes the rules. They need a parent who runs a tight ship and keeps the house in order so they’ll grow up into well-adjusted, productive human beings.

That’s me.

And yet, this might surprise some people. Why? Because to earn money, I do sex work. Maybe it surprises you, too. It might shock you even more to know…

You’re a responsible and ethical consumer.

Porn performers are often exploited by production companies that pay them a pittance and then reap the gains of ad revenue or resell the content to other markets. Sometimes producers outright trick women into creating adult content they believe will be distributed in video form overseas, only to find the clips posted on sites like PornHub.

Shooting for production companies, performers’ boundaries often aren’t respected. They show up for a vanilla shoot only to find it devolve into BDSM.

To better protect themselves from such exploitation, they may try to strike out on their own, but then realize it costs…

A man refused to have sex with me because I’d already had sex with another man that same day.

After my divorce, I went on a sexual rampage. At the end of my marriage, my relationship with my husband was sexless. Now that I’d finally left him, I was trying to make up for lost time.

Enjoying my body again wasn’t just a psychological need but a physical one. I was a starving person, suddenly presented with a heaping dish of food. I wanted to gorge.

I obsessed over my desires. The signatures on the divorce documents had hardly dried when I downloaded Tinder.

My first night on Tinder, I matched with a guy who wanted to mutually masturbate…

With the world closed down, my desire dried up. Shooting erotic photos and videos is bringing it back to life.

After purchasing a new pair of panties and bra the other day, I got down to creating new erotic content for my membership website. The point was to take photos of myself in this lingerie. That didn’t happen.

What happened was I shot a video.

As soon as I started taking photos, I realized I felt incredibly aroused. One, I couldn’t believe how hot I looked in this new lingerie set. Two, it just felt amazing to be wearing it. It turned me on.

I couldn’t hold back. I needed to touch myself — so I did. Then it struck…

Just because a guy is hard doesn’t mean a woman must get him off. How do I reconcile this with being a sex worker?

It should surprise no one that we call the act of stroking a man’s erect penis to orgasm a “hand job.” A “blow job” is to get a man off with one’s mouth. In short, a man’s erection is a job to carry out. A woman’s job.

A woman is entrusted with the duty of bringing a man to climax. Make no mistake: we don’t call the act of touching or going down on a woman a “clit job.”

That’s because men don’t feel the same duty to get her off. If a woman does get to climax, that’s charity.

My job can be emotionally damaging and physically dangerous. I can’t ethically advise another woman do it.

Every so often, a woman will ask me if I can help her get into the sex industry. This is usually after hearing about how I made my entire month’s rent in a couple of hours of work. Or how I’m my own boss, so I get to set my own schedule and travel whenever I want.

Or perhaps she’s witnessed me dressed in my fancy clothing, my hair perfectly styled, my Louboutins clacking against the floor as I walk. She thinks how elegant I look. What a glamorous life I must live! She wants to live this life too!

Especially if you’re a dominatrix.

Men seek out sex workers for a lot of reasons, the most common, of course, for sexual satisfaction. And yet, as a professional dominatrix, I’ve also found that some men have other reasons for pursuing my services.

Sometimes they’re lonely. Sometimes they don’t feel like they can be honest with anyone else about their sexual kinks. Sometimes they are married and feel trapped by the unbearable sense that they have to hide a big part of themselves and can’t live free, in the open.

Sometimes they have no one else to speak to about their fetishes and have found even…

My sixth candied kiss to you.

I’m pleased to announce that I got my second vaccination shot this past weekend — and I’m damn happy about it! I’m excited to get social again with people. I’ve even started putting on my dancing boots again!

We’re not trained counselors nor should we be expected to risk our lives to provide sex to violent misogynists

After Louis C.K. was forced into career exile in the wake of sexual misconduct charges by five women, Rae Sanni, also a comedian, tweeted a now-deleted tweet:

“Guys like Louis CK could just pay a sex worker. Could even request the sex worker play like she’s uncomfortable if they likes…”

This was a strange tweet coming from Sanni, who is also a former stripper, and she quickly incurred the wrath of sex worker Twitter. …

Mysterious Witt

Sex worker. Erotic connoisseur. UCLA alum. MFA. INFP. Treat my body to a coffee: See my body:

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